Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum! This entry will be mixed english and malay. So be mixed. Hehe

There is alots of pictures, but this one make my day. 

TwtUpJohor dah lama dah berlakunyeee pun. Cuma saya je yang lambat hapdate blog niii. But i want to have this photo in my blog! It's look really great to have time with my beloved friends. Is it? This event was met me up with this guy who i never met, we meet here!! In this EVENT! It's was great! Looking forward to next event.

Great weather, great event and also great JOHOREAN! Whoever have Twitter might see those hashtag about this event, but for those without Twitter account might be wondering what does #TwtUpJohor means. It's pronounced as "Tweet Up Johor" is a meet up for johorean who are connected through twitter. But it's didn't focus on Johorean, my friend from KL also came.

TwtUpJohor ni diadakan pada 3 Mac 2012. Joho and #Twitterjaya bekerjasama untuk host kan #TwtUpJohor@IMIC (Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre) 2012.

Telah dicatatkan seramai lebih dari 3500 orang telah datang event ni. Gempak tak gempak? So i was really proud to be there as one of participant. EH? Hehe Gladly!, i didn't miss it this time. Even though i had exam few days after this event, i made it. Exam done well, and TwtUpJohor also i didn't missed it.

Looking forward to your next event JOHO. Support you always :-)

This weekend, CBS at UTM SKUDAI. Jom meet up? Dengar cerita register ada sekali? Jommm.

Layari untuk lebih info. Chiawww. Syukran jazilan :)


Kehoe Cheong said...

Hello! Study UiTM Segamat jugak ke? Familiar lah

Anonymous said...

happy birthday.may allah bless you always

HZQH said...

@Kehoe Cheong, yess Ex uitm segamat :-)

Saiful Lizan said...

watpe je kat sana? kalau tak kenal orang camne?