Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy convocation


Sorry no picture included. But yeah, i'm done with my diploma, so this is my present toward my achievement for 3 years at segamat. Although the result wasn't great, but its good enough for me. Amin. Allah know what best for me.

I'm sure i had made both of my parents proud. But truly, i don't satisfied enough. I want more. More than this. All this way, i'm grateful. Thanks ALLAH. You taughtt me to fight and learn and study more. YOUR knowledge is very wide, ya ALLAH.

So, happy convocation day to all diploma batch 2009. Especially for my batches at Uitm Segamat and all of my friends. Sorry for not mention one by one. I'm doing generally so everybody can have my love. Hiks. Kidding.

Much love, me.

So i prepare the video. No laughing ;p

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zhofire said...

best ar video...hehe...jeles tengok..